Twin Skin Roofing and Cladding

Twin Skin Cladding

Proven track record and cost-effective

A Twin Skin cladding system comprises of a coated-steel liner sheet fitted to the structural supports and a profiled coated-steel top sheet, held apart by a spacer system. The cavity created in between the two skins is packed with insulation, with its multi-component nature affording the system excellent acoustic properties. A versatile system, it allows many different “U” values to be achieved by altering the depth of the spacer system and incorporating the necessary amount of insulation. A vast range of different external profiles and colours enables architects to express their creativity. The millions of m2 of this system fitted over many decades earns it an enviable and unequalled reputation for reliability, and as the most cost-effective cladding system on the market, it has been the most popular choice within the industry since its inception.


  • Liner sheet – spacer system c/w insulation – top sheet
  • Required “U” values achieved by depth of spacer system and insulation
  • Large range of profiles and colours to choose from
  • Proven track record and cost-effective
  • Excellent acoustic properties

Suppliers: CA, Tata

Composite Roofing and Cladding

Composite Cladding

Quick to install and modern-looking

Composite cladding is a single-component installation comprising of a coated-steel liner sheet and outer sheet, with a core of rigid insulation factory-bonded to both sheets, capable of delivering required “U” values dependent upon thickness of core. The single-component nature of the product makes for a rapid rate of installation. Some profiles in the ranges lend the product a distinctly “modern” feel, making them popular with developers and architects alike.


  • Single-component installation
  • Excellent speed of fitting
  • Modern-looking profiles available
  • Range of thermal ratings achievable

Suppliers: Kingspan, Tata, Trimo, Eurobond

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing Seam Cladding

Unparalleled performance and exceptional versatility

Standing Seam cladding systems offer a unique combination of unparalleled performance with exceptional versatility. With no fixings to physically pierce the outer skin, the likelihood of water ingress through the roof is all but eradicated, and maintenance is minimal. Its unique property of being able to be fabricated on site at eaves means that otherwise unimaginable sheet lengths can be achieved. Standing seam sheets are also very flexible, allowing them to be laid to a curve or taper, and to both very steep and gentle slopes, expanding the realms of possibility for the designer.


  • No fixings pierce outer skin, all but eliminating the risk of roof leaks
  • Only system able to be rolled continuously to cover full span of building in one sheet
  • Can be laid to curved or pitched roofs
  • Able to be tapered, increasing design possibilities

Suppliers: CA, Omnis

Rainscreen Cladding


Super-Modern Finish

Rainscreen systems, with their huge choice of finishes and fixing methods, potentially offer the architect the greatest opportunity to design a thoroughly-modern cladding finish. Rainscreen sees the conventional Twin Skin or Composite systems, often fitted to vertical elevations to achieve the required thermal and weathered ratings, overclad with one of a variety of panel systems fixed to an invisible sublayer of supports, effectively protecting the watertight vertical cladding from the elements, whilst allowing the architects’ imagination to run wild. Further enhancing its modern appeal, it can be fitted in conjunction with eco-friendly systems such as living walls.


  • Possibly the most modern-looking cladding system in the market
  • Available in various architectural finishes
  • Installed over the top of conventional cladding systems using invisible support system

Suppliers: CA, Kingspan