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Boden, Optimus Point - Leicester

The architect’s vision for the new distribution centre of British clothing retailer Boden at Optimus Point, Leicester, perfectly channelled the style and panache that the high street label is famous for, and CA Building Products' diverse range held the materials, shades and textures necessary to pull it off.

The large warehouse, elegantly tailored in contrasting blocks of horizontally and vertically laid, trapezoidal Twin-Therm, in a muted palette of Oyster, Slate and Alaska grey, defined by bold blue feature bands, appears deliberately understated when seen next to the crisp, clean lines and smooth, glossy surfaces of the ultra-modern and cutting-edge Prime HPX, CA’s newly-rebranded flagship Rainscreen system bedecking the office area.

The system, rapidly becoming de rigeur with architects looking for the “wow” factor, allows installation with millimetre precision, and design lines can be maintained seamlessly through vertical and horizontal planes, magnifying the modern appeal, so when YSIS won the contract, they relished the opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of: delivering ambitious visions of the future of commercial cladding.

So impressed were the system’s manufacturers that they chose a photograph of the project to adorn the front cover of the product’s new brochure.